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Our Green Policy

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We strongly belive that GREEN means to live in peace with the NATURE but also to conserve the LOCAL CULTURE, and the local kind of life too. So, the question is, how to develop the local tourism while limiting undesirable environmental consequence ?

Our belief is that this is possible and it is in our hand to act in a right way.

We endeavor to conserve the resources wherever is possible: The Electricity:

- Using natural draying of the laundry; drying in sun light and

wind made the lingerie to smell wonderful;

- Using low energy light bulbs;

- Maintaining our fridges and freezers in the best condition;

- Using A+ class energy saving equipment when they are


The Water:

- All toilets are equipped with two-steps flush water;

- For garden we are using the garden well water, conserving the

village network pipes water;

The Heating:

- All the heat is obtained by burning local growing wood.

It is sustainable and avoid fuel burning for supply.

Waste and recycling: A big step forward was made in 2009 when local authorities successfully concentrate the waste to a basic processing center, 40 km away. In the meantime, we avoid to sending the plastic waste there and we prefer to deliver these periodically to a select waste collector from Brasov.

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