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Truffles Mystery Weekends


The week-ends dedicated to the truffles

Autumn is truffles season. These "diamonds of the kitchen" (Brillat-Savarin) are best beginning in the end of September.

Our approach is to do this activity as educational, in small groups, in order to preserve equilibrium of the forest as well as the truffles themselves.

For this fall, we have only 8 week-ends with truffles. The summer was good and we expect a season with spicy, flavorous truffles.

Here we are the dates:


September 27-29
October 11-13, 15-17, 25-27
November 1-3, 16-18, 22-24, 29-1dec

What is included:

-truffles' hunting in the forest;

-a snack with local cheese and wine;

-dinner with truffles;

-one-two truffles for each participant, for home.


Are you interested? Please send us an , to find out details and prices.