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What is Criț no.50?

In 2012 we bought another property in the village. We liked it from the first moment because of the perfume of history and authenticity hidden in each detail.

Then, we started the hard but fascinating work of restoration which took more than one year. Now, there is a green yard and four old restored buildings, each one having a large room for the accommodation of the guests (of course, with a bathroom equipped with all the modern necessities).

Although the property has a lot of space and would have allowed for more rooms, we decided to maintain our four-room concept: we have The Blue House (originally built in 1809) and The Vines Verandah House (from about 1900); The Rose House(1867) and, in the back of the yard, The Gardener House (1861).

The property is located only 500m away from the main location of Casa cu Zorele Guesthouse (no. 189), no more than a 6-minute walk. The breakfast and dinner is served at the main location.

For the moment, we have only few pictures. We will enrich the page with other pictures and the guests’ opinions soon.




storks near Viscri