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The Neighborhood

Crit village is located in the heart of the old world colonized by Saxons eight hundred years ago. Visiting around you can enjoy the nature, watch the local kind of life or learn about the three types of fortified churches raised by the local communities for their own protection.

The peaceful village of Mesendorf is located only 6km away; you can walk, bike or drive there.

Viscri, with its proud fortress, a UNESCO monument, is 10km away. Walking on the main street, you will see the house owned by Prince Charles. You can see two other beautiful hauses owned by MET in Crit (MET is the foundation patroned by Price Charles and operating in Transylvania).

At Cloasterf - 4km by foot crossing the forest and meadows, by bycicle or 10km by car - you can discovera a few very cute, ancient painted cassettes on the ceiling of the old evangelical church.

Saschiz with its UNESCO protected church is 12km away.

The fortress of Rupea (22km away) and the beautiful, medieval town of Sighisoara (UNESCO site) is only half hour by car (32km).

The Farm Markets. Weekly, there are two farm markets in the area: Wednesday in Sighisoara and Friday in Rupea. These colorful events bring together producers and sellers of vegetables, cheese, fruits, flowers and many other agricultural goods. A big number of customers are coming from the neighborhood villages and the burg become very animated. Craftsmen and sellers of many other stings present their marchandise.

Hint: be there in the morning, not late than 11.

For the nature lovers, the surrounding hills offer great escapades, with lovely views, hay fields, birds, wild animals (chamois, rabbits, foxes can often be seen) and carriage roads crossing the forests as in old times.



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