Like the storks
that return in the same place every year
to experience again and again
the treasured moments of the long journey,

you can re-live your childhood moments
filled with the perfume of apple flowers,
jasmine and lilac,

with flavors of strawberries sweet jam,
raspberries syrup
and the taste of homemade pancakes.

Inside of Morning Glory House
you can rediscover you grandma's secrets hidden inside lavender and basil sachets, pumpkin lanterns,
fresh homemade bread,
meaty, golden cabbage rolls
and sweet cakes.
And, if you whish,
grandma will reveal some of her culinar secrets and together you can prepare
some of these wonderful dishes.

We invite you
to re-discover your childhood holidays
within a fairytale landscape
generously peppered
with the wonderful old saxon fortified churches.