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The Fortified Churches of Transylvania

The main task of the Saxons colonist of Transylvania was to enforce the border of the kingdom. In the absence of the king's regular army, the rural communities were on their own. That why they developed an art of building peasant citadels, around the church of the village. The actual shapes reflect the military maturity of these communities, reached during the XIV and XV centuries. Visiting the three fortified churches of Crit, Viscri and Mesendorf you will see three different architectural and defending styles.

The village of Crit

There are documents from AD 1270 attesting a little village in this location. Later, the Saxons developed a stronger community. Over the centuries, the architectural concept of the village was kept and now, walking on the street, between hens and gooses, moo and neigh, you can imagine the whole countryside life as it was a hundred years ago.

Cultural life

From time to time, concerts are performed in these villages. To learn more about this and upcoming shows, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

The medieval town of Sighisoara

Sighisoara is an amazing medieval town illustrating the cultural mix between the Latin, western world and the Byzantine-Orthodox influence. The town is an UNESCO site.

The nature

The inhabitants of these Transylvanian villages have been living in harmony with the nature for hundred of years. The area is included in Natura 2000 project for preserving the biodiversity of the environment.