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Rural Tours

     The countryside of Transylvania hides facets whose discovery transforms a trip into an astonishing experience. Our guided local tours open the doors of the local craftsmen, take you on trails through woods and meadows, revealing surprising landscapes and giving a unique perspective of the country life. A unique experience in Crit, Viscri County.

The Village Tour (2,5 - 3 hours guided tour)

We will start this tour by visiting the fortified church of Crit. Then, after a pleasant walk over the little hill which guards the village, we will visit the bees-keeper. Here, equipped with special suits, we will follow the bees-keeper on his daily work, watching the life of the bees' society.

The Nature Tour (5 - 6 hours guided tour)

This is a walking tour. The trip starts through the hills following the old road then a path crossing the forest will bring us to the next village where the old tower of the fortified church will offer us the amazing panorama of the surroundings. Finally, a path crossing the meadows and the old forest will guide us back to Crit.

The Grand Tour ( 8-9 hours guided tour)

This tour includes a horse-cart ride and a picnic in the forest. It is a large-scale experience concentrated in just one day. We will visit two fortified churches, we will walk through hills crossing the meadows and the forest, we will visit the bees-keeper.