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Rural Tours

     The countryside of Transylvania has hidden facets whose discovery transforms a trip into an astonishing experience. Our guided local tours open the doors of the local craftsmen, take you on trails through the woods and meadows, revealing surprising landscapes and giving you a unique perspective on the the country life. A unique experience in Crit, Viscri County.

The Village Tour
(2,5 - 3 hours guided tour)

We will start this tour by visiting the fortified church of Crit. Then, after a pleasant walk over the little hill which guards the village, we will visit the bee-keeper. Here, equipped with special suits, we will follow the bee-keeper on his daily work, watching the life of the bees' society.

The Nature Tour
(5 - 6 hours guided tour)

This is a walking tour. The trip starts through the hills, following the old road then a path crossing the forest will bring us to the next village where the old tower of the fortified church offers us the amazing panoramas of the surroundings. Finally, a path crossing the meadows and the old forest will guide us back to Crit.

The Grand Tour
( 8-9 hours guided tour)

This tour includes a horse-cart ride and a picnic in the forest. It is a large-scale experience concentrated in just one day. We will visit two fortified churches, we will walk through hills crossing the meadows and the forest, and we will visit the bee-keeper.

The Crafts Tour
( 4-5 hours guided tour)

For this tour, we have to visit the next village. This is an opportunity to watch the first hand two local, ancient crafts. The felt-craft workshop will show hou how the felt is made by hand, starting from wool. Than, we will see how the felt turns into a hat or a shoe. The second visit is to the blacksmith, where we can participate in producing few simple objects, working together with the craftsman.