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Our Green Policy

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Environment policy:

We strongly recommend to our guests to use walking paths and bicycles when visiting the surroundings. This way, we try to cooperate with other local enthusiasts to develop the paths network. Choosing local goods as much as possible is also a step forward in cutting the fuel burning. We believe that Environment means architecture too. Our policy is to conserve the traditional architecture of our village, promoting this belief throughout our community.


We promote seasonal local menus as a culinary experience. We researched and discovered old recipes. Many ingredients are local and organic. Our garden is chemicals-free and provides organic vegetables and fruits.

Sustaining the local economy:

We buy locally as many product as possible and we are paying fair prices to encourage local producers of milk, cheese, honey, eggs, forest fruits and culinary meadows herbs. Also, we encourage the tourists to enrich their experience by visiting the local producers, with a positive impact in the community life.

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