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Breakfast is served


For years now I’ve begun my day with a bowl of cereal topped with yogurt. But sometimes I crave something different, and then I turn to eggs – scrambled, poached, fried, you name it, I like them all.

This time however, I wanted to bring something special to the common fried egg, with some new textures and flavors.

Ingredients (for 2 persons):


- 2 fresh eggs;

- 2 slices of bread;

- Some sliced ham or bacon, sliced thin, so that it’s not overpowering. I use our own home-made ham, brined in wine and spices and then smoked with dill.

- A flavorful, pungent cheese; blue cheese works, but I recommend you try something different each time. I used a local cheese made from sheep milk that I’ve kept in cold-pressed sunflower oil, wild thyme, mint and peppercorns.

- 2 to 3 tablespoons of dry, white wine;

- A teespoon of home-made butter or extra virgin olive oil;

Let’s get to work:

Cut four slices of meat and prepare four pieces of cheese.

ochiuri 1

Cut a circle in the bread using a glass, as shown. Experiment with different glass sizes, you’ll need one big enough to hold the egg, without overflowing.

ochiuri 1

Toast one side of the bread. I used a small pan, but a medium skillet will fit all four pieces. If you are not afraid of cholesterol, butter the bread on both sides. Otherwise, you can use some extra virgin olive oil. Toast until lightly brown on both sides.

ochiuri 1

Carefully break one egg into each bread hole

Now for “technique”: you must be fairly quick about this, so the egg doesn’t burn on the bottom, but also cook all the way through. You’ll need a glass lid that completely covers the pan.


ochiuri 1

Place the bacon over the egg, carefully not to break the yolk, and place the cheese on bread circle. Pour two to three tablespoons of wine in the pan and put lid on. As the wine evaporates, the steam will cook the egg whites. The wine steam will also flavor the bread – double win.

Once on the plate, season the eggs with some salt and pepper.


Et voila!.

ochiuri 1

Enjoy your meal! 

I almost  forgot. If I don’t have to drive to work that morning, I sometimes take 3 sips of wine. Red and dry. Even if it’s before noon.

I hope you enjoy it

PS. Special thanks to our friend and neighbor Mihai Cazan, who helped me with the photos. 

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