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Transylvania's Heritage

Transylvania is the Best-In-Travel / Region for 2016, according to Lonley Planet. Why? Below you have some possible answers. But the truth answers, the palpable answers, are only here, in the heart of Transylvania.


Count Dracula? Forget him! Most people sey that his famous legend is surpassed by the real beauty of the lost-in-time rural communities and of the surrounding nature.

That's why, when you are in Transylvania, we recommend you visit the countryside.

Our guesthouse, Casa cu zorele (meaning Morning Glory House), is the ideal accommodation and starting point for exploring the Saxon fortified churches as well as the surrounding areas. We are located in Crit (Deutsch-Kreuz), a beautiful village which greatly preserved the medieval look of the streets and many of the ancient agricultural habits.

The main street is listed as historical monument. Two of the seven medieval fortified churches nominated as UNESCO heritage sites are very close to our guesthouse:

          - the fortified church of Viscri (Deutschweißkirch) - 9km;
          - the evangelical church of Saschiz - 12km;
Another UNESCO site - the medieval town of Sighisoara - only 32km away.

And then the nature: did you know that species of plants that were once common all over Europe can nowadays be found only in few areas of Transylvania? (See here more about biodiversity conservation in our area.)


We will advise you how to find:

          - a wonderful volcano;
          - a clear stone mine lake
          - a 900 years old oak
          - a birds sanctuary


Accommodation in Viscri-Sighisoara area
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We encourage you experiment accommodation in these villages of Transylvania: Crit, Viscri, Saschiz. Try local food too. You will enjoy its.



storks near Viscri